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Name that vendor!

Sanding of coat hangers at a factory in Guangxi, China in 2016

With our Manufacturer Research & Assessment that is geared towards entrepreneurs who don’t have the budget for monthly dedicated sourcing support, we’ll do all the research for you and offer our advice on the feasability of your concept for the low fee of $300 USD. The purpose is to give you a professional assessment on whether or not you should proceed with your idea based on your needs and the requirements of the contacted manufacturers.

Now we’ve taken it one step further and offer the option for you to “Name that Vendor”. For an additional fee, we’ll set you free and give you the contact details for all the manufacturers we’ve spoken to about your project. Then you can take the lead yourself! Of course if you need a helping hand through product development, pre-production sampling, purchase order & negotiation, production management, post-production inspection, and export/logistics management (phew that’s a long list), you might want to consider one of our dedicated sourcing support packages such as our Small Business package.

July 14, 2017

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