Small Diameter Aluminium Extrusion

Extrusion machine in Tianjin, China

Small diameter aluminium extrusion in Tianjin, China Last week I received a question from a start-up about aluminium extrusion who is new to manufacturing. Not the big stuff, but small diameter. Here’s what I said… “Metal tubes are made by extrusion. To get your exact size, you need the extruder to create a mould/die. Generally…

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A display of consumer pet products

So you import products from Asia right? This is how it normally plays out once the goods ship from port. After me, your sourcing partner, has got the vendor to prepare a correct set of shipping documents including a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and Bill of Lading, they send me final scans…

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Hints for the LUNAR New Year

Many passengers waiting in Guangzhou South Station

The Lunar New Year is a wonderful time to be in Asia. The impact to the production world of the Lunar New Year holiday however is not limited to just the official days off. In China for example, you basically need to assume you lose a month prior and a month after to manufacturing efficiency.…

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China’s War on Pollution and What It Means For You

Air pollution blocking the view of Lantau Island on approach to Hong Kong airport

When I mention China and it’s push to clean up the environment, it usually results in snickers and other bad jokes from folks living overseas. The reality is, China is the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy. That’s no joke and on the subject of fuel efficiency, you might be quite surprised how China’s cars…

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Name that vendor!

Sanding of coat hangers at a factory in Guangxi, China in 2016

With our Manufacturer Research & Assessment that is geared towards entrepreneurs who don’t have the budget for monthly dedicated sourcing support, we’ll do all the research for you and offer our advice on the feasability of your concept for the low fee of $300 USD. The purpose is to give you a professional assessment on…

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Sometimes you need to change direction to keep moving forward

Tianjin West Station

And so here is to commissionless sourcing. It’s the way it should be if the true design is longevity. The way of the past is overdone. Transparency and trust are key. And after 14 years of sourcing in Asia, it is the way we will move forward. No agency commissions. No vendor kickbacks (never accepted…

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