Loading Inspection

From: USD $315.00

Make sure your goods get loaded correctly and most importantly in full.

We'll do the job and we will NEVER outsource it to a third party.

Loading Inspections must be booked 7 days in advance. Should you require a rush job, please contact us.

*Costs indicated are based on a single inspector day

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What is it?

We’re going to head out to your supplier on the day that they ship out your goods and we are going to make sure they load correctly, safely, and in-full. There’s a very good reason why you would want to do this and I know first-hand.

Back in 2009 we completed a Post Production Inspection of a 20FCL of gas bbqs in Xiamen. The order passed and it was time to load the container. But, we were not requested to do a Loading Inspection and so we were not on-site.

When the container arrived in Germany and it was opened at the buyer’s warehouse, there were several grills missing and that container seal had not been tampered with. The factory claimed they shipped in-full and so what recourse did the buyer have?

The quantity that arrived was less than the quantity contracted for, and that meant a loss. So if the value of your shipment is considerable, why wouldn’t you want a trusted partner to ensure you get everything that you paid for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the costs differ greatly depending on the region?
Because we do not outsource our work to third party inspection companies, we travel from Hong Kong to the loading sites. As a result, costs can vary depending on transport mode to the destination, typical accommodation rates in the area, etc.

Why don’t you use third party inspection companies?
Although INSPIRE Sourcing Limited was established in 2006, we’ve been in this business since 2003. Based on our experiences and conversations with the various suppliers we work with, we ONLY trust ourselves.

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