Manufacturer Research and Assessment

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Just starting out and want to know if your awesome idea is possible? We'll do your Manufacturer Research and Assessment and give you a simple report in about two weeks depending on the complexity of the product and the responsiveness of the vendors contacted.

No agency commissions. No vendor kickbacks. No hidden costs.

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Is it a Multi-Level Product?

If you require your product idea to have parts manufacturing outsourced to additional suppliers, please specify the number of additional semi-finished assemblies to be coordinated. (E.g. a pocket knife made by one factory with a leather case made by another supplier would include 1 additional semi-finished assembly)

Name that vendor!

Want to connect with the vendors yourself? For a small fee to compensate for our effort, we’ll give you everything you need to know.

What is it?

Our Manufacturer Research and Assessment is a simple solution that is perfect for people with great ideas but not a lot to invest in serious research. After performing a Needs Assessment of your requirements, we’ll do a preliminary study contacting potential vendors to get estimates on what it would take to bring your dream to reality. Then we will put that into a report along with our advice on your project and send it to you for your review.

Please note our normal turnaround time is for Simple Products whereby we are able to purchase the finished product from a single manufacturer without having to coordinate supply of components from other vendors. For Multi-Level Products, the required turnaround time might increase.

How does it work?

It’s super easy!

  1. After we have received your order and payment, a download link will be provided for our Needs Assessment
  2. A Sourcing Specialist will also contact you to help complete the Needs Assessment
  3. We’ll start our research and begin long-listing vendors
  4. Next we’ll short-list suppliers after we have contacted each and determined whether or not they are suitable to fulfill your needs
  5. Finally, we’ll send you our report after two to three weeks depending on the complexity of the project

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee you will fulfill my needs?
No one can guarantee this. Sometimes people set their needs far too high like so many times I have heard the requirement for “the highest quality at the cheapest price”. He, he, he, wouldn’t that be nice! So if you are uncertain, please contact us through the “Got a question?” tab first to discuss. We’re experts at sourcing and have experience in a wide range of industries.

What if I am satisfied with the results and want you to help me with the rest of the sourcing process?
Sign-up for one of our dedicated sourcing management support packages.

What’s a Multi-Level Product?
A Multi-Level product is one in which we are required to outsource manufacturing of parts to separate suppliers and coordinate assembly at a primary vendor. This is a common practise especially in regards to mitigating intellectual property risk.

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