Corporate -Dedicated Sourcing Support

From: USD $3,150.00 / month for 12 months

A comprehensive local buying office support package.

No agency commissions. No vendor kickbacks. No hidden costs.

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What is it?

Our Corporate Dedicated Support is a tailoured package geared towards companies starting to think about multi-level manufacturing but do not require extensive travelling for trade-fair and factory escort support services.

What’s included?

Active Project Quota: 10
Multi-Level Products: Yes
Vendor Payment Distribution: Yes
Manufacturer Research & Assessment: Yes
Preliminary Sampling: Yes
Product Development: Yes
Pre-Production Sampling: Yes
Purchase Order & Negotiation: Yes
Production Management: Yes
Post Production Inspections: No
Export/Logistics Management: Yes
Trade-Fair/Factory Escort: No

1Inclusive of our normal service fees with the exception of incidental outlays such as bank transfer fees, courier fees, sample costs, travel expenses, etc. incurred during the management of your projects. Such incidental expenses will be billed separately usually at the end of each calendar month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you name the vendors?
Of course. There is nothing to hide.

What’s a Multi-Level Product?
A Multi-Level product is one in which we are required to outsource manufacturing of parts to separate suppliers and coordinate assembly at a primary vendor. This is a common practise especially in regards to mitigating intellectual property risk.

What about Post Production Inspections
Post Production Inspections are not included and billed at our standard rates.

Will there be any additional costs?
Only if we have to outlay something like for samples you order or courier fees, we’ll let you know. We will never charge commissions on the orders we manage and we certainly won’t do anything sneaky like request kickbacks from suppliers like seems all too common in the industry.

What happens if I cancel one project in a month?
Start a new one. Basically you have a quota of 10 active projects. So if 1 project is completed or cancelled within one month, you can start another project. Just as long as we are working on a maximum of 10 projects at any given time, everyone will be happy. If you cancel five, start another five.

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