Factory and Trade-Fair Escort

From: USD $800.00

Need a helping hand visiting a trade-fair like the Canton Fair in Guangzhou or a manufacturer in Taiwan? We'll provide you with our professional and personalised buyer consultation support right beside you at trade-fairs and your manufacturer visits.

With the exception of travel expenses, this service is provided free-of-charge to our Enterprise Dedicated Support customers.

*Indicated budgets are only for our own related travel expenses and do not include any allocation for you or your company's travel.

Where would you like our help? * 

Quoted rates include our travel expenses for single destination trips only. If you require multi-destination support, please contact us.

Does your trip include visiting the Canton Fair? * 

Because of the extremely high hotel rates during the Canton Fair, there is an additional charge per day to help cover our hotel expenses.

Enterprise -Dedicated Sourcing Support members receive this service free-of-charge and will only be billed for the cost of our travel expenses. Please log in if you are a Enterprise -Dedicated Sourcing Support member.

What is it?

We’ll help you organise your trips whether it is to visit a trade-fair and/or factories. At the shows, we’ll visit the vendors with you providing our professional consultation and in-depth knowledge from our experiences as you discuss your projects with potential suppliers. We’ll also help you keep track of all inquiries, catalogue vendors, and provide a summary after your trip. At the factories, we’ll provide our experienced sourcing help to ensure your visits are a success.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a start date and an end date
  2. Pick a destination
  3. After we receive your booking order and payment, a Sourcing Specialist will contact you to help organise your trip, understand your needs, and any further preparation
  4. We’ll look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your objectives!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sourcing Specialists will join me on my trip?
One Sourcing Specialist will join you.

Will you list all the vendors we meet?
Yes we will provide a summary of all vendor details collected.

Does the price of your Factory and Trade-Fair Escort include my own travel expenses?
No it does not. It is only for those related to our own travel.

What is the minimum and maximum trip length?
Any one trip must be at least one day and no more than 14 consecutive days.

Why do you add $105 USD for trips involving the Canton Fair in Guangzhou?
Hotel rates skyrocket during the Canton Fair.

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